BAD MEDICINE – 30×40 Oil on Canvas
Sometimes the medicine is worse than the cure.
This painting explores the options available to an obviously tormented soul. Which one will he choose?
DILLIGAF – 48×48 Oil on Canvas
Every biker has heard these phrases and admonitions whenever someone learns they ride.
Although the speaker may have good intentions, the Biker’s response is always the same…D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.?
16×20 Oil on Canvas, Handmade frame with REAL bullet holes!
So called “gun violence” has reached epidemic proportions in today’s world. The guns that created the culture were single action six shot revolvers that were cumbersome to use and reload but today’s weapons of choice are semi automatic and hold magazines with upwards of thirteen round capacities. Thirteen lives can be taken before reloading that can be done in the blink of an eye.
It behooves a compassionate thinking human to contemplate the implications, if only for a second…or thirteen.
SLEEPERS – 36×36 Oil on Canvas
Some Americans paid a higher price for progress than others. Native Americans were driven off their homelands and Chinese workers were paid slave wages for long hours of work while businessmen constantly negotiated new deals. “Sleepers” is the industry terminology for crossties used in the construction of railroads and it is a very fitting title to this painting.
POLITICS – 24×48 Oil on Canvas
Political parties in the United States are represented by the team colors Red and Blue and the electorate either reaps the benefit of bipartisanship or deals with the fallout of dysfunction. Here we have a Red chicken and a Blue chicken that represent the state of politics in the United States in 2018 and you can figure out for yourself who the lizard represents.
DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL – 16×20 Oil on Canvas
No matter how old she gets she’s still Daddy’s Little Girl!