Hot Off The Easel!

MAgGA…Make A garden Great Again 16 x 21 Oil on Panel
Backyard Necropolis 24 x 24 Oil on Canvas

SunDog 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas
I came out one morning to find my German Shepherd dog watching the sunrise. I asked him what he was doing and he replied “Not everyone needs a cup of coffee to get their day off on the right foot!”
This Time The Serpent Brought A Guitar – 30 x 40 Oil on Canvas
In the Bible the serpent tempted Eve with an apple. Here he’s tempting a budding guitarist with the Holy Grail of guitars, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s First Wife! Put down that classical guitar and play me some BLUES!!!
A Rose For Mary – 16×20 Oil on Canvas
This touching painting expresses the loving bond and dedication between a man and a woman throughout life and beyond.
Manifest Dystopia – 24×60 Oil on Masonite
Agricultural land is disappearing at an alarming rate the world over.
This powerful and insightful painting explores the impact on a lone cowboy as the realization hits home.