Paintings done BEFORE the “Little People” invaded my HOUSE! 🙂


Self Portrait 21×23 Oil on Masonite
It’s imperative that every artist paint a self portrait and so here is my take on the process…WAIT…Did I get it WRONG???
MooToYa – 30×40 Oil on Canvas
While watching the inane events on TV one day the thought occurred to me that it would be funny to create this diversion to hang on the wall over the television to provide a little perspective.
AVAILABLE – Both the Original and Limited Edition signed prints.
Canachorism – 30×40 Oil on Canvas
Since an anaCHORism is something that is out of PLACE, and an anaCHRONism is something out of TIME, I figured it logical that CANachorism is something out of a CAN!
AVAILABLE – Both the Original and Limited Edition signed prints.
Sliding Into 70 24×30 Oil on Masonite
What better time than your 70th birthday than to relive the glory of your youth!
Modern Day Carpetbaggers and Coyotes 18×36 Oil on Canvas
Dink wasn’t able to negotiate the tax breaks that were afforded the big corporations.
Wilbur Succombs To Temptation
Wilbur Succumbs To Temptation 36×48 Oil on Canvas
Look me in the eye and tell me that if you had the only aeroplane in existence, you could resist the urge…
AVAILABLE Both the Original and Limited Edition signed prints.
U 8 Today 24×48 Oil on Canvas
Tailgate? I don’t need no stinkin’ TAILGATE!
Pitstop 24×48 Oil on Canvas
First and only train filling station I’d ever seen located in Temple Texas. I figured since it was a filling station it should be a full service filling station complete with window washers and wheel checkers. It seemed only appropriate that the engineer of a long train would have a long dog and since everyone needs to go for a walk when you stop for gas…
Mieces Pieces
Mieces Pieces 12×16 Oil on Masonite
When you’re an artist and you capture a live mouse he invariably becomes a player in some twisted drama!
AVAILABLE – Both the original and Limited Edition signed prints.
Marvin’s Baby 14×16
My friend Marvin built this Experimental RV 6 airplane from scratch in his garage. I painted it from scratch in my studio.
Mr. Kennedy’s Faux Pas 24×30 Oil on Masonite
When I approached Mr. Kennedy with my idea for a painting he just grinned at me and said “You don’t know how many times I’ve done that!” … A day in the life!
Number 63 48×24 Oil on Canvas
Chicken Dumplings The First 16×24 Oil on Masonite
One of the first paintings I did that made me realize I just MIGHT not be right in the head!
Chicken Dumplings 30×40 Oil on Canvas
Revisited this painting a few years later just to confirm my suspicions.
Dancer 12×14 Colored Pencil
Rare excursion into the use of colored pencils.
Union Pacific 16×24 Oil on Masonite
Union Pacific freight passing through Thorndale Texas.
Grace 36×60 Oil on Canvas
This pretty much defines my life…if I knew how to knit…and if I had a cat.
Tall Tale Tellers 12×16 Oil on Masonite
Only in Small town America…or…Medium town America…or…LARGE town America…shucks…ANYWHERE on the planet!
Today’s Church, Ever Changing to Meet Your Needs 16×24 Oil on Masonite
This painting is painted and intended to be hung slightly leaning to one side depicting the fact that no matter how the church leans, Jesus remains level and true.
Explosion In Chute 4 30×40 Pencil
This depiction of an explosion in the chute at what might have been the last Texas Prison Rodeo in Huntsville Texas proved to be my swansong in pencil drawings when I realized it took over a month to complete!